One home, many lives

Tumaini Home


A children's home and a school in Tanzania

Tumaini Home brings hope to children living in difficult and vulnerable surroundings. The home is mainly working with rehabilitating physically handicapped children, creating workplaces for those who have finished school and support education for girls in poor local communities and are vulnerable to early marriage.

All money donated to Tumaini Home goes directly to running cost, rehabilitating and educating our children, unshortened by administrative costs.

Most of our donations come from private donors. Become a donor!

Account info: Jæren Sparebank, Kleppe, Norway, account no. N08232902121241, swift code: KLEPPNO21XXX, beneficiary: Tumaini.

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What is Tumaini Home?


We are a small organisation in Tanzania, mainly working with rehabilitation of physically disabled children, creating places of employment for those who have finished school and support education for girls living in poor local communities and are vulnerable to early marriage.

We are a children's home, a day center for handicapped children and a place of employment for Tanzanians. In addition we help handicapped living with their parents with medical follow-ups, we have built an English Medium school which enables us to give free education to many, we help youth in the local community to go to secondary school, we provide english courses and we often contribute when people in the local community need medical help.


Physically handicapped children

Mentally handicapped children in need of special education

Children who have been in fire accidents

Children, especially girls, from poor families who are unable to provide education

Girls vulnerable to early marriage and other social problems

Albino children and youth in need of protection


Ståle Anda and Gervase Tatah Mlola

the founders of the project are two teachers. Ståle from Norway and Tatah from Tanzania, who worked together in Monduli, Tanzania in the eighties.

The project starts when Ståle and his son went to Tanzania for a holiday, and Ståle and Tatah met again.

On this journey they met a young girl, Namelok, who was to be the start of the whole project.

Ståle showed pictures and talked about the girl in Orstad school, and they decided to raise money for her treatment.

With this, the ball started rolling and has led us to where we are now.


Most of our children have different handicaps, most of them physical some mental. Others have different illnesses or genetic deficiency, and some are completely healthy but have a difficult background.


  • Burn injuries
  • Results of polio
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsia
  • Genetic deficiency
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Downssyndrom
  • Malnutrition, short of growth
  • Other injuries


Our philosophy is based on being a safe haven for handicapped children, those who come from a difficult environment, and girls who are at risk of early marriage.

As in many societies, the Tanzanian is a patriarchy in which especially many girls suffer. We therefore want to take extra care remembering these girls, and give them an independent future, and the opportunity to make themselves a life in Tanzania. Important to us is also to have Tanzanian employees to run the project.

In swahili Tumaini Home means the Home of Hope, and that is what we strive to be.

Ståle Anda

One of the founders of the organisation.


- I came to Tanzania in 1982, and worked in a camp for lepers for many years. Afterwards I was a teacher in a secondary school and worked for South-African refugees, ANC, this also in Tanzania.


Since 2004 , together with Gervas Tatah Mlola, a former teacher colleague of mine, we have built Tumaini Home. Little by little. 


I am educated as a teacher in mechanical subjects and as a special teacher for children and youth with special needs. For most of my working career in Norway I worked as a special- and social teacher at Orstad school in Klepp, Norway. I also worked as a farmer for eight years.


I have three children whom all have visited me and Tumaini home several times, and they are good supporters. My youngest daughter, Embla, has taken a year off from her studies and is staying here and helping.

Our facilities

Tumaini Home consists of a living room, a play room, bedrooms, kitchen, kitchen gardens, baths and toilets, storage, donkey/ hen house, a mill, a shop, a cafê and a big outside area. Our facilities are partly built on funds from private donors, and partly on larger donations.

Two Norwegian schools, Orstad school in Kleppe and Sørbø school in Sandnes are our main donors, through their yearly charity events. In addition the Lions club of Klepp and Tananger have helped us several times and The Rotary club of Klepp amongst other things have paid for the drilling of water, which have been a tremendous contribution to our work. Lastly but not least, Nordox Norway have donated a fair amount of money, helping us extend the buildings substantially. We wholeheartedly thank all of you making this work possible.



Our project does not aim to only help directly, by giving a home, education and medical help. It is also important to us to be a place of employment in Tanzania, where the unemployment is high. We work hard to set an example as a good place to work, where our employees are treated with respect, given the opportunity to involve and and feel valued. This is important to our employees, but also to our children, as this is a part of giving them a stable and happy home.


Tumaini home is exclusively run by Tanzanian employees, and are the only earning money in the project. For the daily running we have thirteen employees. We have no administrative costs. The employees are five women, working shifts, to take care of the children, a nurse, a man to keep the kitchen gardens and chickens, a women washing the linens and clothes, teachers, accountant, mill worker and a night watchman.


In addition to those employed, we cooperate with the University in Bodø, Norway, and the VIA University in Denmark. They send students who train at Tumaini Home and Sasa School. The students are a positive addition to our home and school, as they contribute with knowledge, new points of views and perspectives. They are also often eager to activate our children, and bring them new experiences. 


We also have a close cooperation with the social- and health authorities in the district.




PO Box 121, Mto wa Mbu, Arusha, Tanzania


TZ +225 759605561      NOR +47 95940289


Account info: Jæren Sparebank, Kleppe, Norway. Account no.  N08232902121241, swift code: KLEPPNO21XXX, beneficiary: Tumaini.



Tumaini Home is registered as a charity organisation in Brønnøysund, Norway, and as an NGO in Tanzania.

The project is run by our general secretary Ståle Anda and director Gervas Tatah Mlola, who are equal partners and the founders of the organisation, founded in 2008. With them they have two boards, one based in Norway, and one based in Tanzania. Tanzanian employees take care of the daily running of Tumaini Home.

Board in Norway

Board leader: Ståle Anda                   

Member: Kjartan Vik Amdal     

Member: Marie Amdal Vik         

Member: Arild Tengesdal         

Board in Tanzania

Chairperson: Gervase Tatah Mlola       

Secretary: Ståle Anda                     

Member: Hosiana Josephat Noya

Member: Karl Åge Anda                 

Member: Paulo Joseph Awe         

Member: Francis Gasper                 


Phone: TZ +255 59605561   NOR +47 95940289


E-mail: tumaini.home.tanzania(at)gmail.com


Tumaini Home, PO. BOX 121, Mto wa Mbu, Monduli, Arusha, Tanzania

Organisation Number: 995 045 680


Become a donor. Account info: Jæren Sparebank, Kleppe, Norway. Account no. N08232902121241, swift code: KLEPPNO21XXX, beneficiary: Tumaini. All contributions, big and small, are received with gratitude.